Red Rose Coffin Spray
Red and Green Basket
Red and Green Cluster Wreath
Red and Green Spray
White Rose Spray
Colourful coffin spray
Modern Orchid Heart
Modern Heart
Orange Posy
Pastel Cross
Pink Garden Cushion
Lace Wreath
Pink Modern Posy
Calla Sheaf
Yellow Sheaf
Four Rose Sheaf
Six Rose Sheaf
Five Rose Sheaf
Yellow Casket Cross
Orange and Red Wreath
Pink Lace Posy
Orange and Red Cross
Yellow and White Posy
Pastel Pink Cross
Pink Basket
Horse Shoe
Gates of Heaven
Pastel Pink Large Casket Spray
Bright Cushion
Pink Sheaf
Church Flower Pedestal
Candle Church Flowers
Empty Chair
White Textured Cushion
White Lily Coffin Spray
Textured Heart
Exotic Coffin Spray
Pink and White Cross
Modern Wreath
Classic Single Ended Spray
Hazel Wreath
Country Wreath
Pink and Green Cross
Basket Funeral
Casket Spray Double Ended
Cross with Spray
Cushion Loose
Open Heart Contemporary
Pillow Based
Pillow Loose
Posy Based
Posy Loose
Single Ended Funeral Spray
Tied Sheaf 3 Roses
Wreath Based with Spray
Wreath Pastel
Orchid plant
Luxury Belgium Chocolates
Vase of delights
ps i love you
Luxurious Basket
Heart Shaped Tribute
Coffin and Casket Floral
Single Ended Spray
Pink Massed Wreath
White Tied Sheaf
Funeral Posy
Coffin Spray Red Roses
Loose Ring Wreath
Funeral Cross
Funeral Flowers In Cellophane
Letters to make a name (price per letter)
Loose Wreath
Wreath autumnal
In the Doghouse
Lemon and Orange Wreath
Pastel Handtied
Hat box design
Moth tribute
Flowers for a year!
Flowers for 6 months
Workshop Gift Voucher
Teapot on union flag teatray
Castleford tigers logo and 3D Rugby ball
Loose wreath in yellow shades
Traditional Wreath
MUM lettering
Designer Guitar
Coffin spray in blue and white
coffin spray
Open Book
Based posy pad
Meadow Fresh
The Flying Scotsman
DAD Frame
Spurs Logo
Pint of lager
Grenadier Guardsman
Stobart Truck
Sleepless in Seattle
The Notebook
Blue Dreams
Luxury Belgian chocolates
Unicorn Card
Elephant Card
Peacock Card
Moose Card
Hare Card
Deer Card
Beautiful Birthday
Tiger Card
Koala Card
Gorilla Card
Hummingbird Card
Hello little one card Pink
Hello little one card Blue
Engagement Card
Kingfisher Card
Owl Card
Giraffe Card
On Your Wedding Day
Get Well Wishes Card
Butterfly Card
Happy Anniversary Card
Wine Time
Bumblebee Card
Turtle Card
Budgie Card
Fox Card
Mother of Pearl wax warmer
Mother of Pearl candle plate
Mother of Pearl plate and wax warmer
Pearl and Silver Wax Warmer
Pearl and Silver candle plate
Pearl and Silver plate and wax warmer
Blue crackle candle wax warmer
Blue crackle candle plate
Blue crackle candle plate and wax warmer
Coral and Silver wax warmer
Coral and Silver plate
Coral and Silver plate and wax warmer
Copper and Gold wax warmer
Copper and Gold plate
Copper and Gold plate and wax warmer
Midnight wax warmer
Midnight plate
Midnight plate and wax warmer
Coral and Silver electric wax burner
Red and Silver electric wax warmer
Diamond Tri colour wax warmer
Red mirror teardrop elec wax warmer
Melanie Webb Gift Voucher
Single Wine bottle gift box
Twin Wine Bottle gift box
Prosecco and Luxury Belgian Chocolates
Snooker Balls Tribute
Yellow Rose Heart
Just Because
Mamma Mia
Cow tribute
Tractor tribute
Jamaican flag tea tray and Rasta teapot with spliff
Pink star
Personalised cushion
Nannie frame
Casket garland
Daddy tribute
Standing teddy
Rugby ball on pitch
Wood chisel
Grandad Tribute
Teddy Tribute
Spanner Tribute
Chequered flag tribute
Sister tribute
Star Tribute
Hairdressers scissors
Marines badge
Pint of Bitter
Rugby ball 3D
VW camper
3D Cockapoo
Chess board
I love you rose tribute
Pillow with wool and knitting needles
Jelly baby
3D rugby ball
2D football
Frothy beer
Bottle of brandy
Teddy Tribute.
Son Tribute
Husband tribute
Display Units
Gin O Clock
Dachshund Card
Seahorse anniversary
Fabulous Birthday Card
Happiest Birthday Card
Happy Birthday Mum
New Home Card
New Baby Card
Happy Fathers Day
Six Month Plant Subscription
Leopard Card
Rugby Gin 70cl navy strength
Rhurbarb Rugby Gin 70cl
Dry Rugby Gin 70cl
Tutti Fruit
Sugar Rush
Strawberry Twist
Dreamy Dozen
The berry best
Thistle make you smile
The birds and the bees
Love and Hedgehogs
Not a daisy goes by
Make my daisy
Poppy Love
Hooting for you
Just bee cause
Whiskers and wildflowers
Messy hair don't care
A day without laughter
Enjoy the little things
Born to stand out
Life is Better with friends
Be Yourself
All you need is love
Owl you need
Its Guiena be
Keep Going
You are flamzing
Garden kneeler
Fork and Trowel set
Gardening gloves
Hare Flower Jug
Gardening journal by Wrendale
Pug Glasses Case
Guinea Pigs Glasses Case
Owl Glasses Case
Foxes Glasses Case
Hedgehog Case
Robin Case
Hare Glasses Case
Bee Glasses Case
Bee Notecards
Mouse Notecard Book
Cats Notecard pack
Wild Ideas Notebook
Furry Good Ideas Notebook
Busy as a Bee notebook
Little book of notes notebook
Cow Spiral Notebook
Mouse Spiral Notebook
Wrendale Mouse Herb pots and tray
Quality Wrendale Blue Tit Bird Box
Wrendale Floral Herb Pots and Tray
Feed The Birds Tin
Wrendale Designs Fox Paper Press
Wrendale Designs Rabbit Paper Press
Gardeners Friend
Head Clover Heels
A Waddle and A Quack
Little One
Pretty In Pink
Grinny Pig
Busy Bee
Daisy Coo
Oops a Daisy
The Hare and the Bee
Mother Nature
Cluster Wreath
Summer Hatbox with 20cl Bottle of Rhubarb Rugby Gin
Textured Double Open Heart
Broken Heart
Cream Rose Heart
Red and White Heart.
Based Cushion
Pink Teddy
Green Harp
Skewbald Pony
7ft All White Coffin
2ft Orchid Coffin Spray
Butterfly Tribute
4ft Rainbow Coffin Spray
Red Double Heart
Contemporary Open Heart
Racing Post Tribute
Diesel Train
Shamrock Tribute
Scrabble Letters
Canal Boat
Dressmakers Tribute
Watering Can
Ragdoll Tribute
Cushion With Mop and Bucket
JCB Tribute
Bespoke 2D Dog
Jamaican Flag, Tea Tray and Spliff
Logo Tribute Dragon
Football Pitch, Whistle and Cards
3D Bertie Bassett
Mazda Car
Red Arrows
3D Football
Hindu Aum
Fisherman Tribute
Tutti Frutti
Rainbow Drops
Roses & Ruffles
I Love You
Only the Best
Sweet Romance
A Little Treasure
Mrs Kisses
For My Sweetheart
Kissing Booth
Sparkling Champagne
Ace of Hearts
Valentine's Florist Choice
Lemon & Lime
Cotton Candy
Star Gaze
'Madame Cholet'
Bon Bon
Only the Best
Secret Whispers
Pretty Perfect
Eternal Charm
Orchid Plant.
Perfect in Pink
Aquatic Scent
Mothers Day Florist Choice
Tulip Temptations
Splash Of Colour
Triple Gin Set
Sea Salt & Driftwood Luxury Candle
Imperfect Luxury Candle
Mulled Wine Luxury Candle
Clean Cotton Luxury Candle
Madagascan Vanilla Luxury Candle
Lime Cooler Luxury Candle
Lemongrass & Ginger Luxury Candle
Orchid Noir Luxury Candle
Ruby Berries & Orange Luxury Candle
Sandalwood & Musk Luxury Candle
Cherry Blossom & Plum Luxury Candle
Imperfect Candle Tin
Ruby Berries & Orange Candle Tin
Mulled Wine Candle Tin
Lime Cooler Candle Tin
Lemongrass & Ginger Candle Tin
Madagascan Vanilla Candle Tin
Orchid Noir Candle Tin
Clean Cotton Candle Tin
Sandalwood & Musk Candle Tin
Cherry Blossom & Plum Candle Tin
Imperfect Wax Melts
Clean Cotton Wax Melts
Orchid Noir Wax Melts
Ruby Berries & Orange Wax Melts
Lime Cooler Wax Melts
Madagascan Vanilla Wax Melts
Lemongrass & Ginger Wax Melts
Sandalwood & Musk Wax Melts
Cherry Blossom & Plum Wax Melts
Wrendale dog walking bag
Dog treat tin
Wrendale designed lip balm tin
Wrendale key rings
Wrendale Bee Bookmark
Wrendale Giraffe Bookmark
Wrendale Guinea Pig Bookmark
Wrendale Bunny Bookmark
Wrendale Rabbit Bookmark
Wrendale Hedgehog Bookmark
Wrendale Mushroom Bookmark
Wrendale Bookmark
Wrendale Hare Bookmark
Wrendale Cat Bookmark
Wrendale Dog Bookmark
Donkey Socks
Birds Socks
Dog Socks
Deer Socks
Wrendale dog bandanas
Biscuit barrel
Tea coffee and sugar canisters
Wrendale Country Fields Nail File
Wrendale Cottage Garden Nail File
Wrendale Tree Top Blossom Nail File
Wrendale Hedgerow Nail File
Wrendale Woodland Nail File
Wrendale Meadow Nail File
Wrendale Mushroom Keepsake Tin
Wrendale Woodpecker Keepsake Tin
Wrendale Dog Keepsake Tin
Wrendale Fox Keepsake Tin
Wrendale Keepsake Tin
Wrendale Hedgehog Keepsake Tin
Wrendale Robin Keepsake Tin
Wrendale Donkey Keepsake Tin
Wrendale Duck Keepsake Tin
Wrendale Bunny Keepsake Tin
Wrendale Giraffe Keepsake Tin
Wrendale The Woodland Collection Soap
Wrendale A Cottage Garden Soap
Wrendale The Meadow Collection Soap
Wrendale Country Fields Soap
Wrendale The Hedgerow Collection Soap
Wrendale Tree Top Blossoms Soap
Seeds tin
Ruby Berries and Orange
To Some Bunny Special
Happy Birthday a princess
To The Top Dog
Happy Birthday to my Favourite Bad Influence
Happy Birthday Sausage
Happy birthday
Lets Get Slothed
Have a Grrreat Birthday
Little Card... ...Big Hug
With Sympathy
Thinking of you
Dog Card
Dachshund Card
Another Year Another Winkle
Welcome Little Sausage Blue
Welcome Little Sausage Pink
Bring on the Birthday Bubbles
Head & Shoulders Above The Rest
Sloth Card
Birds Card
Bunny Card
Mouse Card
Cow Card
Donkey Card
Puppy Card
Dare to be Card
Never Forget You Are Loved Card
Be a Flamingo Card
Late Spring design 13th May 7 9pm
Summer Arrangement 2nd July 7 9pm
Autumn Door Wreath 5th Sept 7 9pm
Halloween workshop 29th October 7 9pm